PAX East 2012 – The Good. The Bad, The Community Manager/PR Rep. AKA How Keeping it Real Can Go So Wrong

It’s hard to be a Community or PR Manager – especially when it comes to video games, where the community can go from passionate fan to angry, cursing individual faster than your 360 can power on.

This panel will discuss all the good things CM’s & PR SHOULD be doing and discuss all the other stuff that just plain needs to stop. We don’t need any more incidences like a certain sea-based marketing representative! Let’s bring back the sanity, shall we?

Our panelists will reach into their bag of tricks and offer helpful tips on how to handle tough situations and we will go over the right and wrong way to get ahead in the Community Management sector of the Video Game Industry.

We will also discuss some of the more grey area topics like, is it okay to ask your community to boost your metacritic score? How do you effectively handle trolls in your community? How can you get them to be active and WANT to participate? How far should you go to defend your studio/game? Is it ever okay to lie?

This is also a great time to bring your toughest questions for us to answer!

Panelists: Collin Moore [Social Media Strategist, Website], Elizabeth Tobey [Director of Marketing, Twitter], Logan DeMelt [Research Program Manager, Twitter], Stephanie Bayer [Social Media Manager, Website], Stone Chin [Twitter]

Source: Collin Moore

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