PAX East 2012 – The Blankety Blank Panel

Get ready to match the stars! Join a hilarious collection of writers, pundits, and comedians for PAX Game, the live version of classic TV game show Match Game. Members of the audience will be selected as contestants and challenged to predict how the panelists will answer excessively silly questions. Whoever matches the most answers wins! For a raucous evening of raunchy fun, stop by – and bring your sense of humor.

Host: Susan Arendt [Senior Content Manager, Twitter]

Panelists: Kyle Orland [Senior Gaming Editor, Twitter], Graham Stark [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Twitter], Russ Pitts [President, Website], Kathleen De Vere [Writor/Actor/Editor, Twitter], Bob “Moviebob” Chipman [Video Producer, Website], Dan Amrich [Game Designer, Twitter]

Source: Reid D.

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