PAX East 2012 – Stuff Your Criticism, I Want A Review!

Is there a difference between a game review and game criticism? Do you expect reviewers to talk about why a game is important in the annals of development or do you just want to know whether it’s worth your $60 or not? Should game reviewers even CARE if you’re going to purchase a title? As the video game media matures along with video games themselves, the purpose of a review isn’t as clear as it once was. Come hear what a panel of experienced reviewers and games media pundits have to say about these questions, and then let them know what *you* want out of your game reviews.

Moderator: Dennis Scimeca [Associate Editor, Twitter]

Panelists: Mitch Krpata [Author, Website], Susan Arendt [Senior Content Manager, Twitter], Kyle Orland [Senior Gaming Editor, Twitter], Chris Deahlen [Principal Technial Architect, Website]

Source: Sm1ttySm1t

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