PAX East 2012 – Press XY: Transgender Issues In Gaming

Whether it’s Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Resident Evil or Final Fantasy, video games have a long history of transgender characters.  You’ll find no shortage of transgender people working in the industry too.  Join a panel of game designers, writers, and fans to learn about some of the most interesting characters in gaming, and the impressive lineage of transgender game makers.  We’ll also discuss the impact of sex and gender in blockbuster games that let players choose their sex.

Panelists: Charli Battersby [Game Designer, Website], Eric L. Patterson [Facebook], Morgan “Red Le Fay” McCormick [Model/Actress, Instagtram], Rebecca Heineman [Game Designer, Website], Jennell Allyn Jaquays [Freelance Artist, Website], Chris Avellone [Twitter]

Source: PressXY

Source: morningproject

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