PAX East 2012 – N00dz or GTFO! Harassment in Online Gaming

***Warning: Mature Content***

Warning: NSFW! Let’s be honest for a minute; harassment from gamers is woefully common, often creepy, generally stupid, and sometimes so absurd that it’s funny in a morbid oh-god-is-this-what-humanity-has-come-to sort of way. Maybe it’s because they sent you a message about their assuredly impressive “dingaling” or your “big gonglerz.” Maybe it’s the fact that most of the message looks like it was typed with a foot. Maybe it’s that you only got the message after that sweet headshot. Join us as we take a look at harassment in gaming and the reactions to it, and feel free to join the discussion on how best to approach the problem.

Moderator: Morgan “Rhoulette” Romine [Co-Director, Twitter]

Panelists: Elisa Melendez [Voice Actor/Musician, Website], Jenny Haniver [Founder, Twitter], Grace “gtz” [Twitter]

Source: fatuglyorslutty

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