PAX East 2012 – Irrational Games Making A Monster

What makes a good bad guy? Join the creative team for Irrational Games’ upcoming BioShock Infinite as they explore the game’s unique antagonists, enemies and villains. In this engaging discussion, you’ll see what goes into making a world class monster, from the initial sketches to combat animations and sound effects. Learn how everything from SHODAN to Big Daddies to the Songbird fit into the tradition of classic bad guys from cinema, fiction and games, and get a glimpse of what surprises may lie in wait for you in the world of Columbia.

Panelists: Julian Murdoch [Writer, Moby Games], Ken Levine [Creative Director, Twitter], Nate Wells [Creative Director, Twitter], Shawn Robertson [Art Director, Website], Pat Balthrop [Sound Designer, Website]

Source: Derek

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