PAX East 2012 – If I Hear “Gamificiation” One More Time I’m Going to Scream

Love it or hate it, if you haven’t heard the word “gamification” this past year you must be dead. Or a zombie. Heck, it was a short-listed to be added as Oxford dictionary’s “Word of the Year”! So what exactly does it mean for gamers and non-gamers that business people and educators are trying to make everything a game? This panel will explore what’s good and what’s bad about gamification and what it means to gamers, non-gamers, developers and people entering the game industry.

Panelists: Tyler Vogel [Game Designer, Muzzy Lane Software], Chris Parsons [Advisor, Twitter], David Martz [VP, Muzzy Lane Software], Monty Sharma [Managing Director, Twitter], Bill Sabram [Game Designer, Website], Aaron Dignan [CEO, Website], Mark Sivak [Academic Specialist, Creative Industries Program, Northeastern University]

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