PAX East 2012 – How D&D Saved My Life—and How It Could Save Yours!

Ever wonder how to explain to your spouse/parent/loved one why you dig Dungeons & Dragons? Why it’s important to you? And what the game has given you that you can use in real life?

D&D taught Ethan Gilsdorf how to emerge from his -5 Shell of Introversion and become a confident, decisive, even cocky, creative soul. If you can run a D&D campaign – a months-long series of adventures requiring infinite attention to detail, exacting execution and on-the-fly problem-solving – you can run an advertising campaign, an IT company, or a freelance life.

In this humorous, self-deprecating and inspirational talk – punctuated by Gilsdorf’s own 1970s and 1980s-era slides and movies of maps, dungeons and character sheets and snapshots —Gilsdorf will take you on a nostalgic trip through his own love affair with D&D and his personal transformation, and show you how to feel good about all those years spent in the dungeon.

Panelist: Ethan Gilsdorf [Journalist, Website]

Source: Nerd Caliber

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