PAX East 2012 – From Pixels to Props: Creating Realistic Gaming Replicas

Haven’t you always wanted a Battleaxe? How about your favorite space marine’s trusty Assault Rifle? Our world of gaming is filled with amazing and wondrous artifacts, from the glowing weapons of Azeroth to the rusting scrap in City 17. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make your very own, this is the hour you’ve been waiting for.

Join our panel of experienced propmakers as we guide you through some of the methods and techniques needed to bring these items off the screen and into your living room. Topics covered will include planning your project, materials selection, basic processes and tools required, as well as painting and finishing techniques. We’ll also be hosting a Q&A brainstorming session to tackle your more detailed prop questions!

Panelists: Bill Doran [Prop Master, Twitter], Matt Munson [Independent Contractor, Website], Kelly Jean [Twitch Partner, Linktree], Harrison Krix [Lead Artist, Instagram], Zander Brandt [Fabricator, Website]

Source: TheProjectWorkBench

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