PAX East 2012 – Educating Through Play: The Future of American Education

Our educational system is broken.  It is based on a model that was designed for a time before the combustion engine, much less the personal computer or the Internet.

Games inherently challenge us to use the skills children will need in the 21st century: Teamwork, Lateral Thinking, Systemic Problem Solving, Creativity.  They’re also a solution that scales (it costs as much to build a game for 1 user as for 10,000,000) which is important in our cash starved educational system.  So how do we build better games?  How do we get them into schools?  And if we succeed, how do we stop people from thinking that games alone can be the answer?

This panel of experts will address these questions and will also be putting out an open call for suggestions from the audience to help them as they tackle these problems in their daily work.

Panelists: Alex Peake [Game Designer, Website], James Portnow [Game Designer, Website], Elizabeth Lane Lawley [Professor of Interactive Games and Media, Website], Leslie Redd [Global GTM Lead in Cloud Learning, Google]

Source: Straylor

Source: Justin Schober

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