PAX East 2012 – Developing and Self Publishing AAA games, an in depth discussion focusing on making YOU successful

In this panel, we’ll discuss the A-to-Zs of self publishing a AAA game, and how to make your dream game a reality… Without the need for a major studio.  Taitale Studio’s founder, Nick Nieuwoudt, creator of the highly anticipated new MMO RPG game NOVUS AETERNO, and the rest of the Taitale Development Team will join industry marketing leader Mike D’Alessio from Promoguys Marketing on stage to share insights and answer your questions.  We’ll tell you how to take your initial ideas and bring them through to the final game development, as well as how to assemble your creative team, develop a cohesive plot and story, and keep your eye on the prize.  This is the one panel you DO NOT want to miss.

Panelists: Mike D’Alessio [President, Promoguys], Nick “zagreekie” Nieuwoudt [Lead Gameplay Designer, Profile], Jim [Military Supervisor], Matthew [Server Engineer], Adam [Senior Studio Artist], Rodrigo “Iririv” Vega [Deviant Art], Ryan [Writer], Igor [3D Artist], Puntas [Gameplay Programmer], Denny Schneidemesser [Composer, Website]

Source: mmoreporternetwork

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