PAX East 2012 – Community Management 2012: Game Journos Living In Captivity

One day, you’re living the dream, reviewing games for a living…and the next, you’re living the OTHER dream, working at a publisher or developer as the official voice to and from the community. Uh, okay – how does that happen? How do you go from your message to “on message” and still keep, you know, your soul? A few of the ex-journos who are figuring that out as they go will tell you what they’ve learned so far, and how they use what they learned as editors in the service of The Man.

Panelists: Dan Amrich [Game Designer, Twitter], Andy Salisbury [Community, Communications Manager, Twitter], Jeff Green [Business Development Lead, Twitter], Brett Elston [Content Communication Manager, Twitter], Gabe Graziani [Community Development Manager, Twitter]

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