PAX East 2012 – An Uncharted 3 Story: The Chateau, Creation to Ashes

Come hear the behind the scenes story of how we created the Chateau level, from beginning concept to final implementation. Justin Richmond, Game Director, and Eric Schatz, Game Designer, will take you inside the fun and occasionally terrifying process of game design at Naughty Dog. We will give a never before seen tour of one of Uncharted 3’s set piece levels, The Chateau. From first idea all the way through to the final burning husk of the level, you will see it all in videos and screenshots. Gasp at our missteps! Laugh at our silly side ventures! Ask us questions! All this and more when you come to The Chateau, Creation to Ashes: An Uncharted Story.

Panelists: Justin Richmond [Executive Producer, Moby Games], Emilia Schatz [Lead Game Designer, Twitter], Arne Meyer [Director of Communications, Website]

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