PAX East 2011 – The Escapist Movie Night

Join The Escapist to watch your favorite web series, including world-premiere episodes of Zero Punctuation, Extra Credits and Anthony Saves the World! There will also be hysterical episodes of Escape to the Movies, Top 5 with Lisa Foiles, a Daily Drop montage and more. Don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy the best series on the web with all your friends!

Moderator: Susan Arendt [Senior Content Manager, Twitter]

Panelists: Bob “Moviebob” Chipman [Video Producer, Website], Shamus Young [Software Engineer, Website], Graham Stark [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Twitter], Paul Saunders [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Loading Ready Run], Kathleen De Vere [Writor/Actor/Editor, Twitter]

Source: Charles Huang

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