PAX East 2011 – Ten Games You Need to Play: The Digital Game Canon

This panel takes inspiration from the challenge of preserving game history and gets right to the key question: What is the canon of digital game history? What games should be first on the list for preservation? What games should game researchers and designers study? In other words, what games do you really need to play? Our panel mixes game designers, researchers, and journalists — all players, too — to answer this question. Expect to hear an appeal or two about the need to solve the problem of long-term preservation of these games as part of our cultural heritage…before they disappear forever.

Moderator: Chris Grant [Senior Vice President, Twitter]

Panelists: Jon Gibson [Director, Wiki], Dave Gibson [Moving Image Archivist, Website], Chris Melissinos [Worldwide Game Technology Integration Specialist, Twitter], Henry Lowood [Curator/Professor, Website]

Source: Racketboy

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