PAX East 2011 – Radio Free Nintendo: A Live Nintendo Podcast for Grown-Ups… 2!

We love Nintendo games just as much as we love to criticize the company itself. From Mario, Metroid, and Zelda to Wii and 3DS, we’ll cover classic games and upcoming releases, plus whatever you want to hear about with lots of audience interaction. Come see the PAX East return of the best Nintendo-centric podcast crew, with over 200 weekly episodes since 2006. Radio Free Nintendo is a show (and panel) about Nintendo and gaming in general, made by and for gamers who have long out-grown system warz and blind devotion.

Panelists: Jonathan Metts [Writer/Editor, Twitter], Mike Selenz [Contributing Editor], James Jones [Host, Twitter], Jon Lindemann [Co-Host, Twitter], Karl Castaneda [Editor, Website]

Source: Nintendo World Report

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