PAX East 2011 – Non-Gamers Gaming

How do you design challenges for gamers who haven’t played the last thirty famous entries in the genre? What about readers and writers who do not identify as gamers?

Video quality is as good as it gets, considering it was shot in a cramped and poorly lit hotel room (the panel was not part of the official PAX proceedings). Thanks to Rob Wheeler for assisting with the camerawork.

For more information about this look at the IF Wiki.

Panelists: Heather Albano [Storyteller, Twitter], Tim Crosby [Senior Game Designer, Demiurge Studios], Katherine “Lucea” Morayati [Author, Twitter], Caleb Garner [Game Producer, Part12 Studios], Andrew “Zarf” Plotkin [Writer, Website]

Source: Jason McIntosh

Non-gamers gaming – Pax East 2011 from Jason McIntosh on Vimeo.

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