PAX East 2011 – The Future of Online Gaming

A panel of MMORPG experts gather to chat with fans on where the online game market is going. With games moving into the mobile space, free to play pricing models and five major launches in 2011 the online market is in for a major year. The panel will have speakers from some of the top upcoming games in the online space plus legends in the industry. Fan will be able to ask questions and get answers from top development studios about upcoming games as we hope to explore where online games will be going for the next decade.

Panelists: Curt Schilling [Commentator, Twitter], Scott Hartsman [Consultant, Twitter], Colin Johanson [Profile], Craig Alexander [Profile], Garrett Fuller [Industry Relations,], Scott Hartsman [Twitter], Colin Johanson [Rentless Games: Franchise Lead, Amazon Game Studios], Jonathan Peters [Senior Combat Designer, Amazon Game Studios]

Source: Robert Warner

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