PAX East 2011 – Joystiq Podcast LIVE!: The Reunion

They said it wouldn’t happen … but they were wrong. For one night only, the hosts of the Joystiq Podcast will bury the hatchet, smile through the tears, break the vows they made to concerned loved ones and reunite for the podcast that they were perhaps always destined to record. Can you imagine the fireworks when Christopher Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin “Hoops” McElroy try to hold a civil conversation on the SAME STAGE? We suspect that you cannot. Last year’s PAX Joystiq Podcast included DSi giveaways, free games for everyone and an audience-wide hugging orgy. You really want to miss this year’s?

Panelists: Justin McElroy [Podcaster, Website], Chris Grant [Senior Vice President, Twitter], Ludwig Kietzmann [Editorial Director, Twitter]

Source: TheMediaCows

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