PAX East 2011 – House Rules and Stealing from Other Games in RPGS

Most Game Masters do it. Hacking your favorite RPG is as old as the hobby itself. However, one can often get bogged down with rules that defeat their intent and make the game less fun. Others have so many house rules that players and master alike get confused and lose sense of what game they’re playing. That’s why we invite you to join 3 well-known RPG bloggers from Critical-Hits and At-Will to discuss how to design, test, and organize house rules. They’ll also tell you how to explore other classic and modern RPGs to “borrow” their best ideas into your games and give you tangible examples.

Panelists: Dave Chalker [Game Designer, Twitter], Phil Menard [Senior Scriptwritter, Twitter], Quinn Murphy [Game Designer, BGG]

Source: Critical Hits

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