PAX East 2011 – Guild Wars 2: Fantasy MMO Redefined

Are you tired of grind, repetitive combat and MMORPGs that have no RPG? Key creators of ArenaNet’s upcoming Guild Wars 2 MMORPG will discuss the game’s creation from an art and design perspective. Accompanied by stunning GW2 concept art, Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson, Game Designer Jon Peters, Community Manager Regina Buenaobra, Global Brand Manager Brian Porter, and SVP, Global Business Randy Price will examine how the lore, design, and gameplay of Guild Wars 2 has evolved from the original game. The panel will field questions about the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2.

Moderator: David Campbell [Creative Strategist, Website]

Panelists: Colin Johanson [Rentless Games: Franchise Lead, Amazon Game Studios], Jonathan Peters [Senior Combat Designer, Amazon Game Studios], Regina Buenaobra [Content Marketing Team Lead, Website], Randy Price [Publishing SVP, Twitter], Jeff Grubb [Game Designer, Website], Tirzah Bauer [Artist, Website], Brian Porter [Director of Digital Marketing, Bungie]

Source: Guild Wars 2

Source: Gamespot

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