PAX East 2011 – Grifball Evolved

Grifball started out as a joke in a Red vs Blue episode and now, 3 years later, it has its own playlist in Halo: Reach. How did this small-time custom assault variant become one of the most popular matchmaking gametypes of all time? Come to the panel to find out! Prominent members from the Grifball community such as Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns, Halo:Waypoint’s Jessica Shea (aka bsangel) and representatives from Rooster Teeth’s and the official Grifball fansite will be on hand to discuss the origins of Grifball, it’s rise to infamy in Halo 3, the development process for the Reach Grifball matchmaking playlist, and the future of Grifball in Reach. Whether you’re a Grifball pro or new to the sport, everyone can catch the disease!

Panelists: JJ Shofner [League Administrator,], Jon Lipe [League Administrator,], Kelli “Goosechecka” Dunlap [Clinical Psychologist, Website], Jessica “bsangel” Shea [Internal Vision Lead, Twitter], Burnie Burns [Website]

Source: HALO

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