PAX East 2011 – Giant Bombcast, Live! Feat. Da East Coast Family

Yes, those lovable Vitamin-D deficient rascals from the Giant Bombcast are leaving the basement, crossing the country, avoiding specific law enforcement agencies, and making their unified East Coast debut at PAX East 2011! Each and every one of you is invited to touch the magic, feel the passion, explore the mystery, and taste the rainbow as fan favorites Vinny Caravella, Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann, and Brad Shoemaker–plus some very special guests whose identities shall be revealed as soon as we figure out who they’ll be, maybe–delight you with a magical evening that promises to be virtually defined by an overall lack of direction. Because that is how we like it. So don’t screw this one up, for once! Come see the Giant Bombcast, Live at PAX East 2011! The Eastern Seaboard will never be the same!

Panelists: Ryan Davis [Co-Founder, Giant Bomb], Vinny Caravella [Head of Video, Twitter], Brad Shoemaker [Editor, Twitter], Jeff Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter], Alex Navarro [Editor, Twitter]

Source: Giant Bomb

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