PAX East 2011 – GameScoop Episode 200 (Live Podcast)

Holy balls! Join the guys from IGN Game Scoop! for the live podcast to end all podcasts. Yes, IGN’s own Daemon Hatfield and a bevy of other IGN Editorial gods are back to discuss the latest video game news and releases, PAX gossip, answers to questions from real fans like you, and much more. Special guests to be announced. Just what will be discussed? How about: How much do you get paid to overrate games? How do you sleep at night after your review closes a studio? How can I knock them boots? Come one, come all, we’ve got plenty of Scoops! to go around!

Panelists: Daemon Hatfield [Executive Producer, Twitter], Greg Miller [Manager, Twitter], Ty Root [Digital Media Specialist, Website]

Source: IGN

Source: Steve Carlson

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