PAX East 2011 – Females on Female Characters

Join Susan Arendt, Senior Editor of The Escapist; Kathleen de Vere, star of LoadingReadyRun; AJ Glasser, News Editor of GamePro; and Lisa Foiles, star of Lisa Foiles Top 5; as they discuss what they embrace in female fictional characters and why these attributes are important. They will identify their favorite characters and how they would like more heroines with similar attributes integrated into Geek culture. This fresh, positive approach to female characters shouldn’t be missed. Moderated by Elizabeth Grunewald, Not Games Editor of The Escapist.

Moderator: Elizabeth Grunewald [Marketing Project Specialist, City Barbeque]

Panelists: Tracey John [Narrative Designer, Website], Kathleen De Vere [Writor/Actor/Editor, Twitter], Trina Schwimmer [Blogger, Website], AJ Glasser [Business Developer, Twitter]

Source: Nerd Caliber

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