PAX East 2011 – A Brief History of Chip Music

Using the lo-bit sound chips trapped within retro videogame consoles and other vintage electronics to synthesize new forms of musical composition, chiptune artists across the globe have slowly but surely brought enthusiasm for their craft to a fever pitch.

The basements of yesteryear have become stages, and the upon those stages a new breed of performer has arisen — not to merely evoke the nostalgic timbres of Nintendo-era videogame music, but to re-define and celebrate the limitations of the machines we once called our toys.

From videogame soundtracks and demoscene/cracktro hackers to the thriving underground music scenes that exist today, join chiptune journalist Zen Albatross as he expounds on the vibrant history and promising future of chip music.

Panelist: Zen Albatross [Musician, Twitter]

Source: EM Dash

2011 Mar 13 – Boston8bit at PAX East – History of Chip Music by Josh Kopstein from EM Dash on Vimeo.

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