PAX Dev 2011 – Dungeon Defenders: Breaking the Cross-Platform Barrier

Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders is an Unreal powered indie title built to achieve AAA success by going totally cross-platform. To achieve this, Trendy used off-the-shelf online game development services in completely new ways, enabling matchmaking, save games, and more across Android, iOS, PC and PS3 – uniting fans however they chose to play. The results? A game created on a modest budget by a small dev team that has racked up hundreds of thousands of downloads. In this session, Trendy Entertainment personnel will share key learnings from their experiences, discussing technical approaches to building out forward-thinking features while also exploring the business rational for making games – especially on emerging mobile platforms like iOS and Android – cross-platform.

Panelists: Jeremy Stieglitz [Lead Designer, Twitter], Philip Asher [Head of Marketing, Twitter], Sean Flinn [Group Product Manager, Blizzard Entertainment]

Source: GameSpyTechnology

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