PAX AUS 2015 – Video Games or Tabletop? Why Not Have Both?

Over the past decade the video games industry has undergone amazing growth. Set to reach $111 billion this year, it’s one of the fastest growing in the world! How does this affect the tabletop market though? Tabletop games (card, board, miniature, RPG) are often seen as going hand in hand with video games but why isn’t there more crossover in people playing them? Is it cultural thing? Learning Curve? Maybe just ease of access or lack of joint events like PAX for people to bridge the gap.

Panelists: Amelia Laughlan [Games Investment Manager, Twitter], Robert Littler [Associate Lead Game Designer, Moby Games], Ben Scerri [Producer, Website], Jair McBain [Producer, Website], Dave Haldane [Systems Engineer, Cube Network]

Source: Another Dungeon

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