PAX AUS 2015 – The Pinny Arcade Pin Collecting and Trading Community Panel

Have you noticed lanyards full of shiny pins at PAX and wondered “How can I get some of those?” Have you got some, and want more? Maybe from other PAXs? Do you want some ideas on how to show off your collection? Join some of our PA Community PINthusiasts for an introduction to collecting and trading Pinny Arcade pins and the pin-collecting community. We’ll look at the history of Pinny Arcade, where to start, what to do when the Brain-Squirrels hit, and how YOU can become part of the community.

Moderator: Danial “Sennohki” Bassett [Pinhead, Twitter]

Panelists: Blake “FishFishMonkeyHat” Marham [Pinhead, Instagram], Cassandra “Duckie” Murray [Artist and Designer Assistant, Website], Jason “Agent Cooper” Bell [Pinhead], Ab “GegeMonkey” Kilani [Pinhead], Anthony “Ayefkay” Addati [Graphic Designer, Website]

Source: fishfishmonkeyhat

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