PAX AUS 2015 – Sex & The Modern Geek

**Warning: Mature Content**

There’s been a long lorded stereotype of Geeks as ‘Desperate n Dateless’ – but now, more than ever there’s a noticeable shift in the opposite direction. Geek is in, Geek is Chic, and now Geek is sexy. Is this true? And how did we get here? Looking at the major shifts in games, the community and the media, as well as some recent academia, we’ll set the mood and answer some probing questions. Leave your inhibitions at the door & join a diverse group for a panel that certainly won’t lack for innuendo.

Panelists: Lucie Bee [Sex Worker, Twitter], Kim Cums [Erotic Filmmaker, Twitter], Liam Esler [Managing Director, Twitter], Tim Green [Chief Creative Officer], Jimmy Reilly [Comedian, Twitter]

Source: Kim Cums

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