PAX AUS 2015 – Geek Bomb vs. Big Head Mode Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Hey! Listen!

Geek Bomb and Big Head Mode are heading to PAX to battle it out over which group reigns supreme when it comes to useless geek knowledge! But it’s dangerous to go alone so they’re going to need YOU! This hilarious and interactive panel of comedians and geeks may just need your knowledge to help them win the day and become your favourite nerds on the citadel. But don’t worry, loot chasers, there will be plenty of prizes and giveaways!

Will you accept the challenge?

Panelists: Maude Garrett [TV Host and Boss Bomb, Twitter], Tegan Jones [Former Managing Editor, Profile]

Competitors: Team Geek Bomb(“KazleBerry” [Meme Queen, Twitter], Nate Bramley [Head of Gaming, Twitter], Madeleine “Zhiana” Rose [Performer, Twitter]) vs. Big Head Mode (Ben “Big Head” O’Brian [Screenwriter, Website], Bardiya “The Pistol Lord” McKinnon [Production Assistant, Instagram], Carlo “Richardo” Ritchie [Improv Comedian, Twitter])

Source: Geek Bomb

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