PAX AUS 2014 – What’s driving the future of PC gaming?

PC gaming is having an unprecedented resurgence and is bigger and better than ever. But what will drive the next stage of PC gaming? Gamers now expect far more from PC gaming than just more pixels jammed on the screen—but where will this next wave of innovation come from?

From new technologies such as VR, through PC’s taking over the lounge room; from digital delivery platforms, through crowd-funding dev communities: we’ll explore the path ahead for the world of PC gaming.

Moderator: Nic Healey [Breakfast Presenter, Twitter]

Panelists: Aidan Scanlan [Director of Design, Twitter], Jeffrey Yohalem [Narrative Director/Lead Writer, Twitter], Chris Roberts [Game Designer, Website], Callum Underwood [Consultant, Twitter], Joe Olmsted [Gaming Products, Nvidia]

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