PAX AUS 2014 – Political Proactivism for Geeks

After the latest federal budget, many Australian “geeks” were upset about the cuts and lack of support to science, the arts, libraries, and tech. So, how can we express to the powers that be that we value our libraries and art galleries, our CSIROs, and Interactive Game Funds?  Does slacktivism achieve anything?  Are protests outdated? Can video games be an effective tool for political persuasion?  Help us brainstorm positive ways to express our shared values to all sides of politics.

Moderator: Nicole Stark [Co-Founder/Director, Twitter]

Panelists: Sue McKerracher [CEO], Justin Halliday [Manager Innovation Program Delivery, Twitter], Dr Fiona Tweedie [Statistician, Twitter], Adam Bandt [Member of Parliament, Twitter], Conor O’Kane [Research Officer, Website]

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