PAX AUS 2014 – Aussie Indie Showcase Panel

The AIS is a showcase of independent games to be exhibited at PAX Australia. Our group of industry experts have culled a selection of games into what they collectively feel are the six best games in regards to gameplay and overall fun-factor. Join the creators of those games LIVE and on stage! Questions will be asked! Answers may appear! And you will get a chance to talk to these up and coming indie game superstars.

Moderator: Chris Stead [Founder, Old Mate Media]

Panelists: Glen Forrester [Designer, Moby Games], Daniel West [Software Engineer, Twitter], Nicholas McDonnell [Director, Twitter], Chris Johnson [Game Developer, Twitter], Sanatana Mishra [Designer, Twitter], Thomas Janson [Game Designer, Twitter]

Source: Syama Mishra

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