PAX Aus 2013 – Indie Board Games: Making Your Own Tabletop Game

We’ve all seen the rise of the indie video game, but there’s another surge happening in the games community you might not be aware of; the indie board game. From self-publishing mavens to print-on-demand hobbyists, indie board games are starting to make their way onto mainstream tabletops everywhere. Join a panel of Australian board game designers and publishers, and find out what it takes to go from prototyping your initial idea (CHECKERS! with ROBOTS! and HIT POINTS!), all the way to the final boxed product.

Moderator: Anthony Sweet [Lead Designer & Writer, Website]

Panelists: Wes Lamont [Marketing Manager, Facebook], Thomas Eliot [Designer and Publisher, Twitter], Paul Nicholas [BGG Profile], Alex Dijk [Board Game Designer, BGG Profile],  Sean Carroll [Architect of Fun, Website]

Source: LabBlueRoom

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