PAX Aus 2013 – BioWare Journeys Down Under

Join four intrepid BioWare staffers as they make the long trek from Edmonton Alberta Canada to talk with their fans in Melbourne, Australia. Meet Cameron Lee (Producer), Patrick Weekes (Senior Writer), Karin Weekes (Lead Editor) and “Evil” Chris Priestly (Community Team) as they discuss Dragon Age & Mass Effect, what it is like living in snowy Edmonton (they had the coldest winter since 1896 this year) and answer your questions during BioWare’s first ever panel in Australia!

Panelists: Chris “Evil” Priestly [PR/Marketing Coordinator, Twitter], Patrick Weekes, [Game Writer, Website], Karen Wheats [Lead Editor, Moby Games], Cameron Lee [Production Vice President, Moby Games]

Source: GameSpot

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