PAX 2009 – Make a Scene with Telltale—Monkey Island Madness!

Guybrush Threepwood is renowned for his sharp-as-nails wit—and in this panel, YOU get to put the words straight into the Mighty Pirate’s mouth! Team up with Telltale’s Tales of Monkey Island design team to write a swashbuckling scene, and we’ll wire it up right before your eyes. Dominic Armato, the official voice of Guybrush, will be on hand to speak the lines! Plus get all your burning Monkey Island, Sam & Max, and game design questions answered by the experts during the Q&A session. Plenty of piratey fun will be had by all. Arrrrr! 

Panelists: Kevin Bruner [CEO/President, Twitter], Dave Grossman [Design Director, Website], Mark Darin [Director, Website], Ryan Jones [Concept Artist, Website], Eric Parsons [Cinematic Artist, Website], Jonathan Sgro [Director, IMDB]

Source: Unofficial PAX DVD

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