PAX 2009 – Fanboy Stigmata

Fangirls and boys, unite! Then suck it up and stop acting like fanboys — there’s work to do. Listen as we relay the decade-long sorrows and triumphs of a scrappy fanbase. Cackle at the futility of petitions, boycotts, and nerd rage; bask in the warming glow of community and the zen doctrine of “screw this we’ll do it ourselves”. Enter as a fan; leave as a warrior trapped in the doughy and misshapen body of a fan.

Panelists: Ryan Alyea [Co-Founder, Fangamer], Kevin Williams [Head Administrator, Fangamer], Reid Young [CEO, Twitter], Brian Jaworski [Production and Event Manager, Fangamer], Jon Kay [Designer, Twitter]

PAX 09 – Fanboy Stigmata from Fangamer on Vimeo.

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