PAX 2008 – Make a Scene with Telltale: The Strong Bad Edition!

If you’ve always wanted to experience game creation from the inside, today is your day! Team up with Telltale’s design team to create an impromptu scene starring Strong Bad and the rest of the crew from (and, more recently, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People). You decide what should happen and we’ll make it happen right there at the panel, using our game engine and the magic of creative thinking. Plus, hear behind the scenes secrets about the Strong Bad episodic game series, Sam & Max, other upcoming projects, and the wonderful world of game design.

Panelists: Mark Darin [Director, Website], Kevin Bruner [CEO/President, Twitter], Jonathan Sgro [Director, Moby Games], Daniel Herrera [Head of the Cinematics Department, Website], Charles “Chuck” Jordan [Game Designer, Moby Games]

Source: Old Telltale Games Stuff

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