MAGFest 2019 – Music Melody

I recorded a LOT of music this year (and yet still not as much as I wanted to), but don’t want to push out any more videos on it than I already have, so here’s the last one. Assuming I go next year, I’m going to try to organize everything a little better.

At various points I also ran out of storage on my camera’s SD card and had to resort to recording with my phone, and my tripod ended up very broken by the end of the festival, so that made things interesting.

I didn’t get all, or even half, of the names of the people who played in this video, so if anyone knows any names I’d be thrilled to hear them. Here are the ones I managed to write down.

Performers: Sab Irene [YouTube], Bassoonify [YouTube], Ro Panuganti [Website], Diwa de Leon [StringPlayerGamer, Website], Medllix [YouTube], Damien Nguyen [Website]

Source: DragoniteSpam

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