MAGFest 2017 – TheRunawayGuys Thrown Controllers – Butt vs. Butt

One of the wackiest and most evil game shows on the Internet, this time with 100% more Colossus Roar!

This round of the show introduced Multiple Choice (which is what it sounds like) and Leap of Faith (in which an audience member gets called up in place of the contestant) and removed Tricky Question, just to keep things a bit more fresh.

Thrown Controllers, of course, being a game show panel hosted by Chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun and ProtonJon where contestants have to do things like answer trivia questions, win video game challenges, name a character’s silhouette or a bit of music or a few other things.

These guys host Thrown Controllers panels at a lot of panels nowadays – PAX Prime and East, Magfest, ConBravo, just to name a few – so if you’re ever in the area where one of them is going on, I highly recommend checking it out in person.

Panelists: Emile “Chuggaaconroy” Rosales [Youtuber, Youtube] , Timothy “NintendoCapriSun” Bishop [Youtuber, Youtube] and Jonathan “ProtonJonSA” Wheeler [Youtuber, Youtube], Reese “Lucahjin” Wheeler [Streamer, Twitter]

Source: DragoniteSpam

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