MAGFest 11 (2013) – Video Game Genres

Every year, Scott and I attend MAGFest not just to lecture, but also to sit as panelists alongside the rest of the MAGFest “Gaming Intellectuals” on various gaming topics.

This one, from MAGFest 11 (2013), explores the very idea of genre in video games (and games in general).

From the convention book:

Video Game Genres

First person shooters. Role playing games. Platformers. Real time strategy. We’re all familiar with these terms. In most mediums, genres are established by the content of a narrative and the expectations the reader, or viewer, has of the narrative. This is not the case for games. Come discuss the features that define ‘genre’ in video games.

There was no agenda for the panel pre-convention, so with some step-up ad-hoc moderation from Jeremy, we just dove right into the topic.

Panelists: James Portnow [Game Designer, Website], Jeremy Pesner [Researcher/ Developer, Website], Brandon “Rym” DeCoster [Podcaster, Website], Scott “Apreche” Rubin [Podcaster, Website], Dr. Shaun Cashman [Associate Professor of Communication, Research Gate], Vincent Diamante [Music Composer/Sound Designer, Website]

Source: GeeknightsRym

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