MAGFest 11 (2013) – Video Game Ethics

Every year, Scott and I attend MAGFest not just to lecture, but also to sit as panelists alongside the rest of the MAGFest “Gaming Intellectuals” on various gaming topics.

This one, from MAGFest 11 (2013), explores the very idea of ethics in video games (and games in general).

From the convention book:

Video Game Ethics

Is it truly ethical to design a game to be addictive, or is “addictiveness” simply a sign of good design? Do games change us in more ways than we might realize? Is regulation on the horizon (as we have already seen arising in Japan), a good idea, or even truly possible? How are games different from other media?

Panelists: Dr. Chris Hazard [CEO, Hazardous Software], Brandon “Rym” DeCoster [Podcaster, Website], Scott “Apreche” Rubin [Podcaster, Website], Benjamin Tarsa [Director of Gaming, Gamepedia]

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