CommunityCon 2020 – Storyboarding in Video Games

We’re going to take a look at the importance of Storyboarding in Video Games and how it differs from your typical episodic animation or film animation. Since video games are typically linear, we have to approach it differently.

I want to look into video games of different genres like Skyrim and Bloodborne where they are a bit more complex in lore and storytelling vs games like Super Mario Odyssey which tend to be more linear yet unpredictable in task order, and Stardew Valley, a dating simulator with a linear aspect but subject to the player’s experience.

I will also she’d light on games with no real story that work just as well and games that have story but it doesn’t work well. The games are not limited to the ones listed, but they serve as an example. I will also be going over a bit of the video game pipeline on how a story for a video game gets written and who is involved and how much each employee is involved.

Story is fascinating to me and it is something I truly enjoy when I play a game. I hope that this panel will help aspiring storyboard artists to discover the main difference and maybe encourage them find work where they fit best.

Panelists: Shauntal

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