CommunityCon 2020 – Lessons Learned from Creating LGBTQ+ Communities

Discord, Online Magazines, and other social media has brought cities, regions and the world closer together through gaming events and online communities. LGBTQ+ Communities have grown from small groups just meeting once every few months and their numbers in 10s and low hundreds to communities that range in the hundreds to thousands. It has been a long road for many of these communities and have had a variety of experiences. The members of each organization would briefly share their experience with their communities and then expand it to a group talk with possibly a Q&A.

Panelists: Lombax_Geologist (Gay Geeks), Mevin (Boston Gaymers), GaymingEditor (Gayming Magazine), JenInRGB (Toronto Gaymers), thislilgecko (Seattle Gaymers)

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